Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Jim Davidson to reveal 'gay past'

Jim Davidson

Probable Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jim Davidson plans to tell about his 'gay past' in the house.

The comedian (of sorts) previously clashed with host Brian Dowling on Hell's Kitchen in 2007 after branding the former BB champ “a shirtlifter”.

It's sure to be an awkward interview between the two, and with fellow rumoured CBB contestant Rylan Clark not Jim's biggest fan there's sure to be some uncomfortable moments inside the house too.

But according to the Daily Star, Jim's tale of hooking up with a "Thai ladyboy whom he thought was a girl" could win viewers back on his side.

“I was in Berlin with my bodyguard and we pulled a couple of girls in a bar," the 59-year-old the newspaper. “I sneaked out the back of this bar and she gave me oral sex.

“Afterwards my minder asked me if I’d noticed anything funny about her.

“I said: ‘Big feet.’ And he said: ‘Adam’s apple, too.’ It was a fella!”

The stand up said he wanted to show the "real him" inside the house when the show launches on Thursday night.

“People who know me know I am not homophobic," he told the tabloid today. “I say the odd thing that seems to upset people without me realising it.”

Celebrity Big Brother starts on Thursday night at 9PM on Channel 5.

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