Celebrity Big Brother stars in for a tough time (if Brian Dowling gets his way...)

Brian Dowling (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Celebrity Big Brother stars will be in for an evil time on this year's show, at least if host Brian Dowling gets his way.

The two-time Big brother champ will be back next month to host the latest series on Channel 5.

And Brian wants Big Brother to get evil with the celebrity housemates.

He told us: "I’d be an evil Big Brother and make them have to do something quite evil, I did like the face to face nominations on the first night that we did with the normal version in the summer, something like that. Something that’s just uncomfortable."

It's going to be the fourth series to air on the channel since they took over the show from Channel 4 in 2011, but Brian insists it's not going to become over exposed.

He said: "We’ve got permission for three series this year, the normal one did better than last year and I think the Celebrity one will do really well too.

"I think if it can survive three series this year, it won’t be over exposed. I think people really like it, they like any show with celebrities!"

Sharing some of us CBB highlights, Brian added: "Pete Burns was an amazing housemate, Shilpa Shetty and the whole Jade Goody thing… that was a great year. George Galloaway with the milk, hello?

"And Paddy Doherty winning my first series will always be very memorable and Denise Welch in that jacuzzi of tits!"

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