Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Tulisa bans sex tape culprit MC Ultra from taking part

Tulisa (X Factor 2012)X Factor judge Tulisa has banned MC Ultra - the man responsible for her sex tape controversy - from appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.

Channel 5 chiefs apparently wanted the rapper - real name Justin Edwards - to become a housemate to capitalise on his notoriety after he admitted to leaking the risque footage earlier this year.

However, as part of his legal settlement with the N-Dubz singer, she obtained an injunction banning him from speaking about what happened or taking part in any reality TV shows.

According to The Daily Star, Justin is 'absolutely livid' with the move. An 'insider' told them: "The matter with Tulisa is over and it should not stop him building his own TV career."

But his spokesperson told The Sun that he would have turned the offer down, claiming: "Reality TV is not his bag and it is not something he would want to do."

The pair met when Tulisa was seventeen, and soon begun dating each other for several years until they broke up in 2009.

Earlier this year she sensationally came clean when a clip rumoured to feature her engaging in a sexual act surfaced on the internet - but Justin denied that he'd made it public until she took him to court in July.

Celebrity Big Brother returns for its eleventh series on January 3rd.