Big Brother: Channel 5 rapped by Ofcom over Conor, Deana argument

Conor (Big Brother 2012)

Channel 5 has been reprimanded by Ofcom for not dealing seriously enough with Big Brother housemate Conor McIntyre after his argument with Deana earlier this year.

In an exchange with fellow housemate Ashleigh Hughes after Conor had clashed with Deana, Conor ranted: "I’ll stick this [indicates the hair brush] up her [Deana] f**king minge, the stupid b*****d. I’ll give her a f**king epilator [gestures thrusting the hairbrush into his groin]. I’m going to play loads of pranks on her because she’s a f**king piece of s**t, I don’t give a f**k if I get pulled up to the Diary Room so it could be…"

Big Brother promptly called Conor to the Diary Room, but Ofcom ruled that bosses should have punished the housemate more.

Making their decision the telly watchdog explained "Ofcom considered that viewers were likely to have felt that Channel 5 did not sufficiently challenge Conor about his behaviour during this exchange. T

"The tone and level of questioning during the interview did not adequately reflect the gravity of the potentially serious offence caused by Conor’s remarks.

"In Ofcom’s opinion, viewers were likely to have considered that Conor was not sufficiently confronted or reprimanded by Big Brother. Big Brother did not, for example, suggest to Conor that the remarks were so offensive that if he made similar comments he may have to leave the House immediately, or give him a formal warning, or tell him very directly that such behaviour would not be tolerated in the House."

Ofcom conclude: "As a result, Ofcom considered that, through this intervention alone, Channel 5 failed to sufficiently mitigate the very high level of potential offence to viewers."

In other decisions, Ofcom ruled that Caroline's branding of fellow housemate Adam did not breach the broadcasting code.

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