Big Brother 2012: Ashleigh Hughes dumps Luke Scrase


Ashleigh Hughes has revealed why she dumped her Big Brother 2012 heartthrob Luke Scrase.

We don't think anyone is particularly surprised that the pair split, but it seems that the couple lasted a lot longer than we first thought.

Ashleigh revealed last week that she and Luke had parted ways, some two months after the live final of Big Brother 2012 in August.

"Obviously, I feel very sad. It's still fresh, so it's difficult," Ashleigh tells Star magazine this week.

Discussing their relationship outside the house, Ashleigh says: "Things were lovely at first. He would cook me dinner and buy me roses. But I had a lot of insecurities and there were consequences. And we'd usually end up n arguments over it.

"But it was also the distance. He was in Liverpool and I'm in Essex. We only saw each other, so we never spent enough time alone. If he lived closer, maybe things would be different and I could keep m eye on him."

Ashleigh goes on to reveal: "I felt like he was cheating on my. And he had a history with sleeping with a lot of girls.

"He gets a lot of female attention when he's out. He started going out a lot more, which made me question if was meeting girls."

You can read Ashleigh's full interview in Star magazine, out now.

Big Brother returns on Channel 5 in the new year.

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