Celebrity Big Brother: Coleen Nolan 'will never speak to Julie Gooyear again'

Coleen Nolan (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Coleen Nolan has declared she'll never speak to Julie Goodyear again after Celebrity Big Brother.

It seems that Coleen has been catching up on the past three weeks' worth of Big Brother episodes to see exactly what went on and was it said by the other housemates during her time in the house.

Speaking to the Daily Express this week, Coleen said: “I’ve heard loads since I’ve come out!

"All the Julie stuff I never saw. I’m not angry, I feel sorry for her.”

Coleen, who has since branded Julie a "bully" for the way she treated her, added: “From the moment I walked in she had an issue with me and that upset me; I wasn’t horrible to her. I think she wanted to win and I was her biggest competition.”

The 47-year-old eventually finished as runner up in the Celebrity Big Brother final last week behind Julian Clary.

Now it's over, Coleen is looking forward to getting her life back to normal and enjoying not being told what to do by Big Brother!

“It’s overwhelming when you come out the house," she said. “You’re in a bubble for three-anda- half weeks and it’s madness. I haven’t had one day at home – I’ve seen my husband and kids once.”

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