Simon Cowell welcomes Cheryl Cole back to The X Factor

Simon Cowell (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Simon Cowell has tweeted a Welcome Back to Cheryl Cole, following the news she'll appear on this year's X Factor.

It was reported this morning that Cheryl would be joining Gary Barlow at judges' houses on the show this year.

The Geordie star, who was a judge on the show between 2008 and 2011, will be joining Gary in London next week to help whittle down the acts in his category.

It had previously been reported that Gary’s Take That bandmate Robbie Williams was to help out, but the dates for filming clashed with Robbie’s tour.

A source told The Sun this morning: “Only Gary’s intimate inner circle know. He hasn’t even discussed it with Simon or ITV bosses. It’s been seriously top secret stuff.

“They’re all under the impression it’s going to be Robbie. No one even noticed the dates for the recording clashed with Robbie’s new solo tour.”

Seeming to confirm the news, Simon tweeted this morning: "Welcome back Cheryl. X"

Cheryl is seen discussing her relationship with Simon Cowell on the Jonathan Ross show this evening.

Jonathan asks Cheryl what really happened with American X Factor. Was she asked to leave because of her accent? “No. It wasn’t because of my accent,” Cheryl insists. “That’s something you’ll have to ask Mr Cowell,” continues when Jonathan asks why.

On the subject of Simon Cowell, does Cheryl still speak to him? “I do talk to him every now and again,” she says. “We’re frenemies.”

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