Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Housemates contemplate the final!


The Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemates have been speaking to Big Brother about making the final.

The six finalists have come in turn to the diary room, to talk to Big Brother. “To be sitting here, knowing that I’ve made it to the final is more than I could ever, ever, ever, have wished for and hoped for. Julian says that he didn’t think he would last “more than a few days,” and to get the final is “just marvellous.”

Ashley says that most housemates had no idea who he was when he first entered the house. “I’ve just been myself and hopefully people will like me for me.”

The Situation says it was one of his “goals” to make it through to the final and will come out with a smile on his face.

Martin tells Big Brother that he has been a “fan” of the show “forever.” He adds: “if I went away and never experienced what the final would be like I’d regret that, so I’m really pleased I’m here.”

Finally, Harvey says that as he is now in the final, “You can take me in no particular order,” he adds: “As The Situation would say, ABG, always be grateful.”

Coleen admits “I’ve never won anything or got to a final, on my own. Here I am at 47 in the final of Big Brother and some people might say ‘so,’ but for me it’s a massive achievement.”

“Of course I would like to win,” admits Julian adding: “But I think one of the young, frisky people would just love it.

“I’m already happy just being in the final so I’ve already got the cream cake, I’m happy with that. But if you crown me the winner, and put a cherry on top, that’s too much, that’s a very rich cake,” Harvey muses.

The Situation tells Big Brother: “Winning would mean the world to me but making the finals is dream come true.”

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