Celebrity Big Brother 2012: The boys are still obssessed with Danica!

Danica Thrall (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

She may have left the Celebrity Big Brother house last week, but the guys can't stop talking about Danica Thrall.

The Situation, Martin Kemp and MC Harvey spent this afternoon discussing Danica's "fishing technique".

"She definitely was special... in some way to me," The Situation admitted, but added: "However, Me and Martin were talking about this last night, and he said she was the best fisherwoman he's ever seen, she'd reel you in then go get her next fish."

"A great fisherwoman, that's a great to put it," nodded Harvey in agreement with Martin's description. "She was so good."

Martin added: "At times she could see it was hurting you, but she still wouldn't leave you alone. I bet she's got her hook and reel out tomorrow..."

The Situation laughed: "I bet she's chilling with Princey today but as soon as finals come, Prince is to the side and she's coming with her her f**king hook."

Harvey quipped: "Watch out Sitch as she might just be using you to get to Puff Daddy!"

Coleen, the only remaining female in the house, was quick to defend Danica, however it seemed to be ignored by the guys.

"Jeez, leave the girl alone, I loved her," Coleen told them. "I got on great with her."

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