Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Harvey, Julian clash over shopping list sabotage

Julian Clary (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Julian and Harvey found themselves rowing in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night over a lack of cigarettes.

Earlier in the day, Harvey had 'sabotaged' the shopping list by removing cigarettes in order to get his suit dry cleaned for tomorrow's finale.

"I can't believe he'd do that, I cannot believe it," moaned Julian to Coleen in the garden after the shopping arrived.

However Julian's moaning was overheard by Harvey, who was quick to confront the comic.

"Are you actually mad? Each pack of fags costs £7.98 each, in the two shopping tasks I've never asked for anything. Coleen has 60 fags, with yours you have 80 fags for two days. I've never had nothing," he said.

Julian replied: "But the shopping list is a communal thing that we all do, you don't do something secretly."

But a defiant Harvey continued to protest: "I've done both shopping lists and never asked for one thing. You've always asked for fags, so there's go to be compromise. 80 fags for two days left of the show! The reason why I done it is banter, I'm sure we can survive on 80 fags in two days.

"I'm not going to fall out over it Jules, it was banter to lighten up the mood. I'm sorry if it's upset you but I'm sure that 80 fags is better than one packet of fags. I wasn't spiteful. I've done the list and put the time in but never got nothing."

He added: "Feel free to sit there and talk about me, it doesn't bother me."

Julian quipped: "At least you've got a nice clean suit anyway."

Seems that despite the final tomorrow, there's going to continue to be plenty of tension in the house!

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