Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Harvey brands Julie a "disgrace"!

Julian Clary (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Harvey has branded Julie a "disgrace" for the way she handled the news of being nominated in the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this week.

Harvey and Prince Lorenzo were in the gym. They can hear what Julie is saying in the next room. Prince Lorenzo declares: “Great actress”

Harvey continued to declare: “For a woman that has been given an award from your Majesty The Queen, her behaviour is very unprofessional.

"The way she is acting is a disgrace. She should be setting an example as a seventy year old woman that has lived through two world wars bro.” Prince Lorenzo was in agreement with Harvey and branded Julie a “very mean person.”

Meanwhile, Julian was in the diary room talking about Julie. He confessed that Julie was “furious” last night after hearing the nomination results.

Julian added: “Last night she got into my bed reeking of whatever that perfume is she wears and had a bit of a rant about everything. Julie has woken up and is being charming to people and that’s a good idea. Her anger has evaporated a bit, so all in all Big Brother it could be worse.”

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