Celebrity Big Brother 2012: BBTV shopping task update!


Yesterday, the Celebrity Big Bother housemates went into the world of BBTV and became stars of BBTV channels in the final shopping task.

The group have so far completed three tasks, but how are they doing?

Ask 100
The Situation and Harvey stared in a celebrity special of “Ask 100” quiz show. Harvey won this as he answered 4 out of the 8 questions correctly compared to The Situation who answered 3 out of 10 questions correctly. Housemates passed this task as the viewers predicted that Harvey would win.

Children’s TV Show: The Growlers
Housemates will find out if they have passed this task today.

Housemates had two trigger hits yesterday. Housemates have so far passed but there are more hits to come today.

BBTV continues...!

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