Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Is this the most AWKWARD task ever? (VIDEO)

Julie Goodyear (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

For this week's BBTV shopping task, Julie Goodyear has become a newsreader for the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Whenever the news bulletin trigger is played into the house, Julie has 1 minute to go immediately to the large task room, take a seat behind the news desk, put on her glasses, a jacket and a wig.

The rest of the housemates, also have 1 minute to rush onto the sofas in the living area. If they do not make it to their designated places within this time they will fail the news show.

All housemates must be on the sofas ready to watch ‘BBTV News’. In order to pass the task Julie must read every single news item that appears on the screen in front of her. This should be carried out in the style of a newsreader.

However, the news items aren't just stories about dogs being stuck in trees, their conversations the housemates have had!

In her first news bulletin, Julie repeated her remarks about the other housemates nominating her, and Prince Lorenzo's bitching about Ashley!

Watch the latest CBB clip below for more...

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