Celebrity Big Brother news: Julie "shocked" to be nominated

Julie Goodyear (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Even though everyone saw it coming, Julie has told Big Brother she's shocked to have been nominated this week!

Julie received five nominations in yesterday's final round of nominations and faces the axe on Wednesday night along with Martin and Prince Lorenzo.

Julie went to the diary room and confessed that she was “shocked” by the nomination results as she has been “kind and caring” to all her housemates.

She declared that the housemates who nominated her should “feel like s**t,” and speculated she is facing eviction because she is “old,” “is not part of the gang,” and that “Coleen wanted to be the only woman left.”

Julie admitted that all she wanted was to get into the final.

Later in the smoking area, Julie speculated to Julian that she may not be able to nice anymore to her housemates.

Branding her housemates as “two-faced b*****d’s,” Julie affirmed: “Don’t come snivelling around me.”

Observing Coleen getting out of the hot tub, Julie joked to Julian: “She can get her fat a*** out.”

Harvey addressed Coleen as “Mama” and Julie declared: “Like rats to a deserting ship.”

Meanwhile fellow nominee Martin went come to the diary room and confessed: “I hope I haven’t offended anyone.”

He continued to claim that Prince Lorenzo expected to be nominated “many moons ago.” Martin proposed that housemates have seen the “dark side to Julie” and asserted: “I’m glad Julie is up.”

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