Celebrity Big Brother 2012 final nominations: Who nominated who?

Big Brother 2012 Diary Room chair

The Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemates nominated for the final time yesterday, but who voted for who when it came to the Diary Room?

Yesterday, housemates were made to nominate for the last time. Big Brother called the eight remaining celebrities, one by one to the diary room, where they were asked to nominate two housemates each. The Situation couldn’t nominate as he was banned after cheating last Wednesday in the face to face nominations, and was told to sit on the naughty step throughout the nominations.

Julian is first to nominate and his first choice was Prince Lorenzo, “I disliked the fact that he called Julie bitter and for his dullness.” His second nomination is for Martin as he asserts his authority over him and regularly affirms his superiority in the house.

Coleen was the second housemate to nominate. Julie was her first choice adding: “She's been a bit fake from day one, talking behind people's backs,” she quipped. Her second nomination was for Martin, "When I'm alone with him I don't know what to talk about. I love the guy!"

Julie was next up and first nominated The Situation who she claimed has “been sad since Danica left which makes her feel sad.” She then nominated Prince Lorenzo, saying “I don't have a great deal in common with the human calculator.”

The forth housemate to nominate was Prince Lorenzo who nominated Julie. “There's two sides to her, she's two faced.” His second nomination was for Harvey. “We have very different views on women."

Harvey nominated Prince Lorenzo citing "I don't agree with his morals and values.” His second nomination was for Julie, "She's playing the game and trying to influence me."

Next up was Ashley who named Julie as his first nomination. “She's a game player and has a game plan,” he explained. His second nomination is for Martin, “He isolates himself from the group which makes me feel sad. He's a great guy."

The seventh and final housemate to nominate was Martin whose first choice was Julie who he claimed has been "dragging people into the toilets to influence their nominations which is unfair, she deserves to be nominated.” His second nomination was for Julian as last week he lit up an electronic cigarette in the bedroom which I asked him to put out. He thought this was "disrespectful."

As a result of this week's final nominations Julie (received 5 noms), Martin (received 3 noms) and Prince Lorenzo (received 3 noms) all face the public vote to save and the double eviction on Wednesday.

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