Celebrity Big Brother 2012 eviction: Prince Lorenzo sure he'll leave tonight!

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 eye

Prince Lorenzo has seemingly given up hope of avoiding eviction from Celebrity Big Brother 2012 tonight.

Speaking to The Situation last night, he declared: "It’s all over, for me it’s all over."

Sounding consigned to an eviction this evening, the Prince continued: "I’ve had a very rewarding stay here learned a lot, appreciate a lot so much more now, that’s the important thing… it's what you walk away with."

He added: "It’s been a good run, it’s been a good season."

Despite encouragement from The Situation not to give up, Prince Lorenzo insisted h was glad to go, having been in the house for close to a month now.

"As a mentally stimulating thing in my life... I was ready to go in week two but I’m glad I didn’t as I got to see more than I ever imagined and it really made me miss things a lot more.

"The longer you’re here the more you start missing everything. Three weeks is a great time to do it, to just get away from everything."

"It's been a month, it's a long time," he added.

The latest [cat c="big brother"]Celebrity Big Brother 2012[/cat] eviction airs tonight from 8PM on Channel 5.

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