Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Day 2 of BBTV task!

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 eye

Today sees the second day the final Celebrity Big Brother shopping task, BBTV!

In continuation from tomorrow there will be various news bulletins played in throughout the day.

Shopping Channel: Big Brothers Big Deals
Julian and Coleen will be presenting the shopping channel. They will be given a range of items to sell and have approximately 45 seconds to sell each item. A warehouse attendant will present the items one at a time. The items should be sold in an upbeat and glamorous manner. The TV viewers will be watching this from their living room. Only ONE TV viewer must position themselves on the sofa besides the telephone. After being presented with all the items on the TV show, it is then down to this TV viewer (and only this TV viewer) to ring the shopping channel sales team and put in an order for all of the items featured on the show.

In order to pass the task, the TV viewer will need to put in an order for at least 10 out of the 15 items.

Housemates were given a DVD with the number of tasks the have to pass. They will play this into the house later today to discover whether they have passed or failed.

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