Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian worried about being evicted!

Julian Clary (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother's Julian Clary has confided his fears about being evicted before the final.

Housemates are currently unaware that three of them have been put up for eviction, following the latest Celebrity Big Brother nomination results.

They'll be informed of the outcome of the final nominations later today.

And the wait has caused plenty of paranoia amongst the housemates.

" I'm trying to work it out. Thinking how they think... I was safe while the girls were here to be turned on. I'm very vulnerable, Julie. We'll see," Julian told Julie in the bedroom this evening.

However the Corrie actress was confident it would be her up for the chop next.

She replied: "I don't think that will happen. To be honest, I think I'll bear by the brunt. But you can't call it."

But a pessimistic Julian continued: "I think they'll be embarrassed that all the girls have gone. They'll stop voting for them and keep you. I can't think where else they will go.

"They won't turn on each other, Prince and me are left. And you and Coleen, but I don't think they'll do anymore women work."

While the housemates have to continue to wait for now, you can find out who is up for eviction here!

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