Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Coleen still finding nominations hard

Coleen Nolan (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 nominations are underway, and Coleen still claims to having a hard time!

Despite her nominations no doubt being rather obvious, with the whole house now well aware of her feud with Julie, Coleen has been in a bother all morning.

Big Brother announced to the eight remaining celebrity housemates that the final round of nominations would take place this morning about an hour ago, with Harvey the first to be called to the Diary Room.

Awaiting for her name to be called, Coleen confessed to some of the other housemates: "I was going to say it's hard now, but then it's been hard every time, every bloody time."

"You get used to it, I don't know," replied Julian.

Chatting in the garden, Coleen added: "I think it's the thinking about it before hand. I'm dreading packing! That does my head in."

The duo and Ashley then speculated how the final week would go - could there be an eviction tomorrow? How many would make the final? Would there be another triple eviction?

All will be revealed in due course, housemates...

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