Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Coleen wants to "flip" at Julie!

Julie Goodyear (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have continued to turn against Julie Goodyear.

Originally considered the mum of the house, Julie has quickly become an outcast from the group after she was caught out backstabbing and trying to influence nominations.

Speaking to Prince Lorenzo and Martin Kemp last night, Coleen revealed she was close to "flipping" with the Corrie actress.

"If she carries on doing little quips, I may flip. She was trying to get me on her side today for nominations. But she keeps doing little things and I keep thinking 'I'll have to have words if you keep going on'.

"I feel sorry for her now, at the end o the day she is 70," she said."

"I feel like I'm attacking my gran mother," Prince Lorenzo agreed, "[But] she's cold with me now. Normally she's a lot like friendlier.

"I think if she had just been herself and not backstabbed she'd have made it to the final. I think she went a little too far."

Martin however wasn't using Julie's age as an excuse: "But when we come in here we're all equal. It's difficult."

Coleen backed him up: "She's not been anyone's grandma. She's been following me around the kitchen, she never follows me. I think she realised she wasn't going to get anywhere with me and went back to where she was.

"Sometimes I want to f**king flip, but sometimes I see her sitting her on her own and I feel sorry for her. It's so up and down."

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