Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Ashley destroys letters from home!

Ashley McKenzie (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Ashley McKenzie was given an uneviable task on Celebrity Big Brother this evening.

He faced a very difficult decision when Big Brother told him he must choose which housemates receive their letters from home and which housemates have their letters destroyed.

Big Brother gathered housemates on the sofas and asked one housemate to come the diary room - this housemate, Ashley, became the letter picker for the task.

On one side of the chair was a mail sack containing all of the housemates' letters from home. On the other side was a small barrel of 'acid'.

The letter picker was told that only half of the letters in the sack can go back into the house, the rest must be destroyed by putting them into the acid. Which ones are safe and which ones are destroyed were up to the letter picker.

Unaware that the rest of the housemates are watching from the sofas in the living area, the letter picker was asked to pick two letters out of the mail sack at random. The letter picker had to then destroy one by putting it into the 'acid' and keep one to take back into the house.

The letter picker would get to take all letters that aren't destroyed back to the corresponding housemates.

However, if the letter picker refused to make any decisions, Big Brother will destroy ALL letters from home.

Ashley first picked out Julie and Harvey's letters, opting to destroy Julie's as punishment for her rulebreak earlier today.

Julian and Ashley's own letters were next, with Ashley opting to destroy his own note from home.

Martin and Coleen's letters were next out of the bag, with Ashley opting to keep Coleen's to claps from Martin in the living area.

Finally, The Situation and Prince Lorenzo's letters were out of the bag, leaving Ashley with a tough decision. After much debating with himself, Ashley decided to bin The Prince's letter.

As a result, Julie, Prince Lorenzo, Martin and Ashley missed out on their letters from home.

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