Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julie caught influencing nominations


Celebrity Big Brother housemate Julie Goodyear has been punished for trying to influence nominations!

Following last night's eviction, Julie tried to hint to Harvey to nominate the Prince if they were asked to nominate again.

Julie ushered Harvey into the toilet and asked: “Who do you nominate?”

He replied: “I ain’t got a clue!”

Julie said: “But it could come up now! Prince?”

“We can’t talk about it nana," Harvey replied. "We will get in trouble."

Harvey didn't help things by telling Ashley about the rule break: "She’s exposed when she shouldn’t have exposed. She said a man’s name. I told her she wasn’t allowed to do that."

Ashley replied: “That was a random guess! She is getting herself into some bad sh*t bro. She’s tried to influence me."

Harvey added: “Don’t be f**ked up by that…Big Bro don’t miss a trick! You understand what I’m saying?”

This afternoon Big Brother gathered the housemates to reveal Julie's rulebreak.

The 70-year-old was punished by Big Brother demanding that he hand over all of her leopard print clothes and accessories, and remain without them until further notice.

Furthermore, Prince Lorenzo and The Situation have to wear tight leopard print pants until further notice!

Watch the clip below for more...

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