Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Coleen refuses to speak to Julie!


Coleen Nolan has refused to speak to Julie Goodyear in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Tensions between the pair have been steadily rising for days, with many housemates predicting a huge argument any day.

Bu Coleen has decided to take a step back, and revealed to Julian she was planning to simply ignore Julie from now on.

"I'm not going to have that conversation, it doesn't really matter, I can't bare it," she said.

Coleen went on: "I've ranted about it at times in the Diary Room but I can't do it. If she was horrible to me to my face then I'd fight back but we've been polite to one another.

"I don't want to cause an atmosphere, I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable. I feel sorry for her, I am the only female left and I'd hate her to think she couldn't ask me for anything... Sometimes I think honesty isn't the best policy."

As Julian listened on, Coleen added "I'm kind of at peace with it and there's no need. When we get out we won;t see each other or be apart of each other's lives.

"I don't want to upset her in anyway. I'm not excusing how it made me feel but I can't do it, not now."

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