Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Danica admits she "went too far" with the boys

Danica Thrall (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Evicted Celebrity Big Brother housemate Danica Thrall has confessed she went too far with her flirting in the house.

The model was booted out of the house last night in a double eviction along with Samantha Brick.

Discussing her "love triangle" with The Situation and Prince Lorenzo, Danica commented today: "I think I am a very flirtatious person, and watching back I forget how flirtatious.

"I knew both of them liked me, there was flirting but no playing. I wasn't playing them against each other."

Danica continued: "I think I did go too far and I think I have learnt that lesson. I think when you know that someone likes you the you shouldn't keep flirting which I did, I overstepped the mark."

Danica also insisted she wouldn't have ever hooked up with The Situation, even if she were single.

She explained: "I definitely do see a connection between me and The Situation but if I was single I don't think I would go there as a I don't fancy him. He's a loveable guy but I just wanted to have a laugh."

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