Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Danica admits she 'crossed the line' with her flirting


Evicted Celebrity Big Brother housemate Danica Thrall has admitted her flirting crossed the line with the boys.

Danica was the second housemate to leave in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother eviction, following Samantha Brick out of the door.

Speaking to Big Brother host Brian Dowling after her exit, Danica first reacted to the huge boos she received.

She said: "I'm fine. I love the crowd! Panto boos... I'm not surprised, when I was up for nomination last time I heard it and I expected. It's never nice, but I'm okay with it.

"You never know how things have been edited, or how things have come across or what you've done..."

On her relationship with The Situation and Prince Lorenzo, Danica explained:: "I'm a very flirtatious person, I think that's obvious. I loved the Prince Lorenzo, I loved The Situation, and Coleen and all of them.

"But I never crossed the line because I have a very lovely boyfriend!"

However Danica admitted after watching back some footage of her in the house: "Yesterday I had a chat with Harvey and Ashley and I do think I should have thought about feelings getting hurt and I didn't.

"Watching it now, I didn't realise how bad I am, it's shocking. It makes me realise how every boyfriend and ex has been right."

Asked who she'd like to hook up with if she was single, Danica commened: "Prince Lorenzo is probably my type, he's a lot more mature."

Meanwhile Brian revealed that Danica has been sent over £6,000 worth of gifts from fans during her time in the house.

Danica also hit out at Julie, saying: "Get Julie out!"

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