Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Rhian and Jasmine at war on Twitter!

Rhian Sugden (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Evicted Celebrity Big Brother housemates Rhian and Jasmine have started a war of words that's spilled over onto Twitter.

Following her eviction on Wednesday night, Rhian blasted Jasmine, calling her "unstable" and "a bitch".

She told the Daily Star: "She called me and Danica [Thrall] skanks. Well pot, kettle, black if you ask me. She's a skank and she holds herself like a prostitute.

"I held my tongue with Jasmine because I didn't want to get punched in the face.

"She was ­being a knob, she went insane. Julie Goodyear had to restrain her in the Diary Room. Then she was screaming that she was ­going to kill me. She kept screaming, 'Let me at her!'"

She added: "It's dangerous. I was scared to death."

Meanwhile in a Twitter rant this afternoon, Jasmine hit out at Rhian and her manager, branding the Page 3 model a "barbie"

She wrote: "@Rhianmarie sugden’s manager is a MORON because of her all hell is about to break lose. You want to play like that….OK.’

"@Rhianmarie ‘s manager just unfollowed my page on her behalf.What she doesn’t realise is that was a HORRIBLE idea NOW i’ll post EVERYTHING’

"I have to say to @Rhianmarie publicly. #fireyourmanagementlove"

She added on the social networking website: "Ok bitches i REALLY DID try 2play nice. Difference between this time&others is that i made sure i recorded the evidence.Get ready2be rocked.

"I had NOT planned on it AT ALL but they’ve now both put me in a position where i have no choice. I had NO prob, therefore a huge surprise to wake up to the message I did from here management. Unfortunately at this point they now both have to be called out. TRUST me I’ve been NOTHING but nice to barbie.

"barbie is said affectionately and stupid…is just the truth."

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