Celebrity Big Brother: Harvey and Ashley pick on Danica with 'cream prank'

MC Harvey (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

It seems things getting even more petty in the Celebrity Big Brother house, with Harvey and Ashley continuing to pick on Danica.

Last night saw Danica accuse the boys and The Situation of ganging up on her, suggesting they were bullying the girls in the house.

In the Diary Room, Harvey had said he felt “insulted” by Danica’s words. He said that he has always “done his best being the middle man” and felt “disgusted” to be associated with the words that she chose.

He added: “It’s stereotypical. Just because I am a rapper, does that make a bully? It was a cheap shot but it’s the name of the game.”

However Harvey did little to stop the accusations last night, as he and Ashley picked on a sleeping Danica.

Egging one another on in the bedroom, the pair decided to pour hair cream all over Danica's bed and feet as she snoozed.

Coleen and Nolan seemed to find the whole thing funny, but we're not sure Danica will when she wakes up this morning!

Watch the clip below for more...

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