Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Coleen considers changing her gameplan

Coleen Nolan (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Coleen Nolan has suggested she should become friends with The Situation to save herself from eviction.

Speaking to Danica this evening, Coleen suggested sucking up to The Situation would help her avoid eviction.

It follows Mike being saved for a second eviction to huge cheers on Wednesday night, with Brian revealing he had topped the public vote.

"If I was clever, which we both know I;m not, and if I were playing a game, I could really, really like suck up to Mike now, thinking he's got a massive fanbase," she said. "If he likes me, I'm alright."

Coleen was quick to add: "I'm not accusing you [Danica], but I couldn't do that."

Danica however confessed she was the opposite, claiming she couldn't not stop talking to The Situation.

She suggested: "I'm petrified that if I don't speak to him, he'll hate me."

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