Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Harvey tells The Situation to give up on Danica

MC Harvey (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Harvey has been advising The Situation to give up on chasing Danica in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The rapper sat the US reality star down this morning for some honest words of advice.

"Two nights ago I said 'go to bed, it’s getting to much. It’s an emotional roller coaster. There has to be a point in your brain that goes ping even if you heart is going boom," Harvey told the Jersey Shore cast member. "You go in and you go back even if you know it's never gonna work."

Harvey added: "She adores you like you adore her but you want a woman who loves you and doesn’t play with your heart."

Meanwhile Prince Lorenzo has discussing the situation with Martin.

Talking about last night's nominations, which saw Harvey nominate the Prince for getting between The Situation and Danica, Lorenzo said "I didn't think he'd put me up this early for such a ridiculous reason. Mike is hurt and everything is fine, but back off."

Martin also took the chance to defend Danica, saying: "I don’t see why if a girl turns a guy down, she’s not allowed to talk to another guy. It's so high school."

With Danica facing eviction tomorrow night for the second time this week, perhaps we'll have some different story lines going on in the house for the final...