Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Danica's pal insists she's not gameplaying!

Danica Thrall (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Friends of Celebrity Big Brother housemate Danica Thrall have jumped to her defense.

Leanne Matthews, who has known the glamour model for ten years, insisted she wasn't gameplaying.

And she also blasted suggestions from the likes of Jasmine Lennard that Danica's job was akin to prostitution.

"She's not playing them at all. She's not gone in and lied to them, she's been straight up about seeing someone on the outside, and if the boys fancy her and want to flirt, that's their choice," Leanne said this week.

Speaking to Star magazine, Leanne admitted that it was clear that the boys in the hosue had fallen for Danica, but she wasn't surprised.

"The Situation has definitely fallen for her!" she said. "But she's gorgeous, charming girl so I'm not surprised. Lorenzo likes her, too! She's so down to earth, and that shows."

Despite having a boyfriend, Danica has been rather touchy feely with some of the guys, but Leanne insisted that it wouldn't ruin her relationship.

She added: "She's a very loyal person to her friends and her boyfriend. She'll never cross the line.

"She's a natural flirt and she'll happily admit that, but it's harmless. He's absolutely find about it, he trust her."

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