Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Julian Clary advised against doing the show!

Julian Clary (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemate Julian Clary has revealed he was told not to take part in the show.

The camp comic admitted this week that "everyone" had advised him against doing the reality series, from his parents to his pals.

"No one thought it was a good idea," he confessed. "My parents are no the kind of people to watch Big Brother.

"My partner is worried I'm going to say something dreadful and disgrace myself."

But asked why he decided to take part, Julian quipped: "They pay a lot of money!"

Speaking to new! magazine, Julian also revealed his fears before entering the house earlier this month.

He said: "I guessed the idea of being trapped and sleeping in a dormitory situation scares me.

"I also find the shower situaiton a bit pervy."

Fortunately, Julian has disgraced himself in the house just yet, although he's not said much at all...

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