Celebrity Big Brother 2012 nominations: Who nominated who!

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemates nominated once again time tonight... live and face to face!

Ten stars remained in the house after the latest Celebrity Big Brother eviction results saw Rhian poll the fewest votes against Danica, The Situation and Samantha.

But the group had no chance to relax, as they were asked to nominate in front of one another straight away.

Here's who nominated who...

Harvey is first to nominate and his first choice is Danica, “I’m kinda sick of this love triangle situation with Prince Lorenzo and The Situation.” “My second nomination is Prince Lorenzo, he should have put his friendship with The Situation first,” rather than siding with Danica he exclaimed.

Julian was the second housemate to nominate. Samantha was his first choice adding: “When I was in my cherub's outfit, you said I looked great, and I didn't look great,” he quipped. His second nomination was for The Situation. He mentioned that during the Gods & Mortals task The Situation remarked that the female cherubs “were a bit heavy for your taste but you'd still do them, I found it a bit offensive on their behalf.”

Coleen was next up and first nominated Samantha who she claimed has “very different views about men and women,” to hers. “We would clash but she's a better woman than I,” she smiled. She then nominated The Situation, saying “I hate to do this again, they've both just been up” then claimed that he was just “happier with the boys and he's not really interested in what I do.”

The forth housemate to nominate was Prince Lorenzo whose first nominated Julian. “I’m still getting to know you but you have some awesome qualities,” he added. His second nomination and her first, was for Julie who looked shocked to hear her name called. “I love you like my mother,” he started then referred to ex-housemate Jasmine’s mother entering the house during their task and claimed that Julie’s reaction was “cold.”

Ashley nominated Danica citing the “bad situation with the argument,” she had with The Situation. His second nomination was for Coleen which he said would be “a big shock.” He mentioned that he had spoken “deeply” to her about Rhian “But when I saw on the TV,” he started and says that Coleen telling Rhian, “Ashley, should just know what he wants,” was upsetting.

Next up was Julie who named Danica as her first nomination. “The problem with Michael and Prince has just got too intense,” she added. Her second nomination is for Coleen. Julie refers to what she viewed on screen during the Gods & Mortals task adding: “It was not very pleasant to watch and some of the things that we saw weren't good, it was almost like you were moving from group to group.”

The seventh housemate to nominate was Martin whose first choice was Samantha who he claimed was “homesick.” “I also don’t think she’s not going to be here till the end,” he added. His second nomination was for Julian who left the house earlier to have a tooth removed. “He’s suffering from pain and discomfort” he sympathised and said that it must be hard to be in pain while being in the house.

The Situation wass next up and first nominated Coleen who he brands a “pot stirrer.” He adds: “She deserves to be put up to the public to see how they feel.” His second nomination went to Danica. “I feel that Danica uses my emotions, going back and forth with the Prince,” he claims.

Samantha was next to stand before her fellow housemate and first nominated Coleen. “I just didn't feel supported by you tonight,” she tells her. Her second nomination was for Danica: “We've got very different views on how you treat and relationships,” she said.

Danica was the final housemate to nomination and opted for Samantha whom she agrees has “different views” to hers. The recipient of her second nomination was Ashley: “There's been a gang created in this group which I know is making other people a bit uncomfortable, I see it as a form of bullying and I don’t like it, the group is intense,” she ends.

Danica, Coleen and Sam will therefore face eviction this week.

And in a twist, it will be a double eviction with two housemates leaving.

Martin and MC Harvey didn't receive any nominations.

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