Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Danica defends her flirting


Celebrity Big Brother housemate Danica has defended her flirting with the male housemates.

Speaking in an interview before entering the house, Danica described her flirty personality as "who I am".

“I’m definitely open to flirting because that’s who I am and I enjoy doing it," she said.

The 22-year-old model also teased she wouldn't limit her fooling around to just the guys either.

“I love flirting with women, too,” she added. “I’m a naturally touchy-feely person with guys and girls. “I’ve kissed a girl on a drunken night and I’ve always said I’d love to snog Pamela Anderson. She’s really gorgeous.”

But in bad news for boyfriend Ben King, Danica described her relationship as "single".

She explained: “I’ve been seeing someone for three months but I am single so I’m having fun and am ready to mingle in the house.

“He’s a lovely guy, but if I kiss someone else, then that will be it for us."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5

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