Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Coleen angry at the Gods' spying!

Coleen Nolan (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Coleen Nolan was left fuming last night after discovering the Gods' spying secret.

For this week's shopping task, some housemates became Gods and were given access to a secret room.

Julie, Martin, Ashley, Harvey and Samantha were able to watch and listen in on the housemates from their special 'all seeing eye' in the secret room.

Only once the task was completed last night was the secret spying revealed, and Coleen was less than happy.

"They're going on like 'We've heard everyone, we know what everyone's like now'," she said. "Because none of them have done it, have they?

"None of them have said anything about anyone or in the diary room. They've had to do it, they've had to nominate, they've had to go in there upset and say why."

She continued to rant to Danica and Julian in the living area: "To come out here and make us feel uncomfortable, like they've never done it, is mentally torturous."

And Coleen insisted she didn't want to know the information that the Gods had uncovered during their time in the secret room.

She said: "To be honest, I don't want to know. I want to live here peacefully, if I need to know something I'll know it when I get out. I don't want to know in here, it causes an atmosphere."

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