Celebrity Big Brother spoilers: Housemates pass Gods and Mortals task


The Celebrity Big Brother housemates will enjoy a luxury shopping budget this week after passing their latest task.

For the past two days, housemates have been split into Gods and Mortals.

Mortal housemates have been competing in trials to join the Gods, with Julie, Martin, Harvey, Ashley and Samantha all Gods by the end of the task.

But in a twist, Big Brother revealed it would be up to the Gods and Gods alone to win a luxury budget.

Gods had to compete in the final trial, taking down Medusa.

The Gods had to enter the Gorgons’ lair and attempt to slay (knock the snakes from their heads) all four Gorgons using their padded swords, in an allotted time. As Medusa’s glare can turn you to stone, the Gods that entered the lair were blind folded.

God Julie directed the four remaining blindfolded gods to knock the golden snakes from the Gorgons’ heads.

The Gods passed, meaning a luxury budget for the house for the second week in a row.

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