Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Samantha reckons Danica's "rinsed" The Situation!


Celebrity Big Brother's Samantha Brick has revealed she reckons Danica's been playing the boys in the house.

Last night Samantha was telling The Situation that he is the most “kind-hearted” housemate in the house assured him that a lot of people have “noticed what has been going on.”

She continued to add: “Promise me that you will protect that heart of yours. The likes of Julie and Martin are not stupid, they notice things”

Later on and Samantha was in the diary room and chatting to Big Brother.

She declared that she feels “protective” over The Situation. She continued to claim that The Situation has been “well and truly rinsed” by Danica.

The hack explained: “She’s been through his make-up like a rat down a drain pipe.

"He still doesn’t understand how she makes her money and how men exchange gifts to exchange in conversation."

She added: "He has fallen for her and I think she has been playing him and Prince Lorenzo like a fiddle.”