Celebrity Big Brother latest: Ashley grills Rhian in the Diary Room!

Rhian sobs in the diary room

As part of this week's Celebrity Big Brother shopping task, some housemates have become Big Brother for the Day.

Gods Ashley, Harvey, Martin, Julie and Samantha can demand the other housemates do anything as the voice of Big Brother.

Ashley jumped at the chance to call Rhian into the Diary Room to give the model a beauty on her feelings for him.

But Rhian wasn't too happy with the interrogation, leaving the Diary Room to bitch to her fellow housemates.

Of course, Rhian is unaware that the God housemates are able to watch and listen on the other housemates via their secret room.

"Why does everyone keep on asking me about Ashley?" Rhian cried. "Everyone keeps asking how my boyfriend will feel after watching this... I don't get it".

Prince Lorenzo however wasn't quick to comfort her, and instead grilled her even further.

Pointing out that Rhian had previously remarked, "I've got a boyfriend, but it's quite a new relationship", the Prince asked, "Why not just say you have a boyfriend... why did you need to say 'but'?"

"By saying 'but'...It means somewhat available", he added, much to Rhian's annoyance.

Danica also got involved and stuck up for her fellow model, until the pair stormed out of the room in a huff with their fellow mortal housemates.

Ashley meanwhile watched on from the secret room...

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