Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Samantha joins the Gods!


Samantha Brick has become the final housemate to join the Gods of the Celebrity Big Brother house.

In the final trial of the task for the remaining mortals, the Gods picked one of them for a test of deception.

Gods Martin, Julie, Harvey and Ashley chose Samantha to deceive all other mortals by turning on them and secretly stealing a list of items and placing them in the hatch where they will be banished from the house forever more.

If this mortal successfully completes this mission without getting busted they will become a God.

However, if they are rumbled the Gods must select one of the other mortals to become a God.

Gods must help out their chosen mortal by speaking to them through an earpiece and instructing them what to steal. Gods must also help out the mortal by using the ‘Voice of the Gods’ to move the other mortals to other areas of Earth so that the coast will be clear for the mortal on the secret mission.

Gods will call their chosen mortal to the diary room where they will receive their earpiece. Gods must then speak to the mortal in the diary room and inform them of the secret mission.

Once the mortal leaves the diary room they will have thirty minutes to steal all listed items and banish them from Earth.

For passing the task, Samantha became the fifth and final God.

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