Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Danica "furious" with The Situation after huge row


Danica blasted "jealous" The Situation in the Celebrity Big Brother house last night after the pair found themselves in a huge row.

Earlier in the night, Danica and The Situation clashed in another argument over the model apparently laughing at Ashley during a task.

But the row continued to rumble on, with Danica storming: "Don't talk to me because I'm furious with you over the way you've been so disgusting to me. You're always, always nitpicking at me and you have no right."

The Situation replied: "If I'm in your friend then I have the right to nitpick."

Danica hit back: "Then I'm not my friend if you can't be nice to me. You're so petty, it's like being with a 16-year-old boy with you, that's what it's like. You are so immature.

"You sit there like an immature 17-year-old going 'Who do you like more, me or Prince?'"

The Situation stayed calm, repeating: " You're one of the fakest [sic] people I've ever met. You're fake."

But it seemed to just wind Danica up more.

She snapped: "I don't have to prove myself to be real to you because you know me really well. I don't want to speak to you right now, all his frustration coming out right now has built up over the week.

"Don't pick people out because of your own insecurities and jealousy. You are jealous of Lorenzo."

She added as she stormed out of the bedroom: "I've got all my frustration out, I've told you what I want to say to you, don't talk to me from now on."

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