Celebrity Big Brother 2012: The Situation and Danica go to war!

Danica Thrall (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

It all kicked off between The Situation and Danica in the Celebrity Big Brother 2012 house last night.

The pair and some of the other housemates were sitting in the bedroom, when Rhian made a rather innocent remark about Danica's current position on the bed.

"Danica, make sure they can't get a crotch shot of you," she warned the fellow model.

The Situation quipped: "I'm sure she doesn't care."

It sparked a very heated argument between the pair, with Danica confronting the US reality star: " Mike, if you've got a problem with me tell me. Don't make smarmy comments with me."

"I just don't think you like me anymore," The Situation revealed.

Danica replied: "That's fine, but I'd appreciate you don't make smarmy comments for no reason. You know what Mike, you're a strange one. I don't know what I've done to make you feel like that."

The pair then clashed over Danica laughing at Ashley in the latest task, with The Situation claiming: "He looked like he was about to cry!"

But Danica took the opportunity to get A LOT of things off her chest.

She snapped "I'm sick of pussyfooting around you, you're jealous of the situation with him [Prince]. Take your jealousy elsewhere.

"Don't direct things at me that are nasty. I'm not pussyfooting around you anymore. Just leave me alone. I've gritted my teeth with you.

"It's not my problem that you fancy me and I don't fancy me. I have a boyfriend on the outside world that I adore. I want to be your friend but if that's too difficult for you... you make me feel uncomfortable."

The Situation hit back: "You must be delusional, you're crazy, I'm very nice to you"

"No, you're crazy," said Danica. "Your attitude for being in here sometimes is wrong.

"It's me you have a problem with, because I've been teamed up with Prince [in the task] and you hate him."

The Situation stood his ground: "That's not true at all!"

"Get a grip Mike and grow some balls," Danica concluded.

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