Celebrity Big Brother news: Ashley joins the Gods!

Ashley McKenzie (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Ashley has become the fourth Celebrity Big Brother housemate to join the Gods in this week's shopping task.

Last Celebrity Big Brother housemates had to make various sacrifices in order to join the Gods.

So far Martin, Julie and Harvey are Gods, granting them power over the other housemates and access to a special room.

For the second trial, the remaining mortal housemates had to please the Gods by giving up something close to them.

Julian gave up his outfits while Prince Lorenzo sacrificed his beauty products.

Danica gave up her independence, and is now chained to Prince, Ashleigh gave up his dignity by pouring fish guts over his head and Coleen sacrificed her Gluttony by being told to eat only basic rations supplied by Big Brother.

The Situation sacrificed his Status, and must now do all of the cooking and cleaning in the house, while Samantha gave up her beauty.

Finally, Rhian gave up her privacy, which resulted in Big Brother revealing her nominations to all of the other housemates.

The trio of Gods concluded that Ashley had impressed them the most with his sacrifice and so the Judo champ joined them in the secret room.

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