Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Gods get to spy on the mortal housemates!


As part of this week's Celebrity Big Brother task, some housemates have become Gods and been granted some special powers.

So far Martin, Julie and Harvey have become Gods and get to live a life of luxury.

As well as being in total control of the house and the other, mortal, housemates, they also have access to a secret room.

Only the God housemates can enter the secret room - Mount Olympus - where the Gods can 'look down' from the heavens on the mortal housemates.

That is, watch them via a TV monitor and listen in with some headphones!

The current trio of Gods haven't wasted this secret power, but it seems what they've been seeing in the house hasn't pleased them.

This evening Julie, Martin and Ashley watched on and listened in as Ashley and Rhian continued to flirt with one another.

"Don't get sucked in Ash, man. Come on Bruv, look past the breasts," Harvey moaned as he watched.

Watch the Gods listen in on the other housemates below...

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