Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Harvey joins the Gods in latest task


Harvey has become the third housemate to join the Gods in the latest Celebrity Big Brother task.

For this week's shopping task, housemates have been split into Gods and Mortals.

The Gods are living the life of luxury, with a secret room and the power to make the Mortal housemates do whatever they want!

Martin and Julie started as Gods earlier today, and Harvey joined them this afternoon.

Various trials will test the Mortals and the winner of each trial will join the Gods.

Harvey won the first trial, the trial of resilience.

All mortals had been turned into statues and had to stand on the wobbly statue plinths. On the sound of the golden horn they competed to stay on the plinths for as long as possible.

The Gods tested the mortals throughout the trials by slinging mud at them, using water cannons and water bombs in a bid to put them off.

After the end of the trial, Gods Julie and Martin named Harvey as the winner and he joined the pair as a God.

All of the Gods will take on a special task tomorrow in a bid to win a luxury shopping budget.

Browse pictures of the task so far below...

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