Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Samantha cries over nominations


Samantha Brick was in tears after the latest Celebrity Big Brother 2012 nominations were revealed.

Big Brother had gathered housemates on the sofas to reveal this week’s nomination results. Danica and Rhian giggled as their names were called out while Samantha sat in silence. Julie tells her, “I want a word with you” and they head off into the bedroom. “Don’t make me cry,” Samantha pleaded.

Meanwhile in the garden Prince Lorenzo pondered: “Why get the pretty girls out?” Danica told Rhian that they have both “lasted longer” than she thought they would. “If Rhian goes, I should go home,” Danica told them.

Back in the bedroom Julie was giving Samantha a pep-talk. “You’re not going, cut the s**t, go through the motions but it won’t happen!” she told her adding: “I know your hubby would love to see you but tough titty!”

Later and the housemates had just finished a dinner that Samantha had prepared for them. Harvey hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek while thanking her for the meal.

Samantha looked teary and Martin told her to “be strong.” “I don’t know what we would have done without you in the kitchen,” he added and they share a toast.

At the dining area, Samantha wiped her eyes and told the housemates: “It’s harder when everyone is nice to you.”

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