Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Housemates set Gods and Mortals shopping task

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The Celebrity Big Brother Housemates will be split into Gods and Mortals for their latest shopping task.

Housemates will be split into Gods and mortals. Gods will live the life of luxury on Mount Olympus (the Large Task Room and Garden) whereas mortals will banished from going outside as they toil away their days inside the House down on Earth.

The mortals will compete against each other in a series of trials, after each trial it will be down to the Gods to decide which mortal pleased them the most. This mortal will then become a God themselves and join Mount Olympus.

Gods must choose mortals wisely as at the end of the task the Gods themselves will compete in the final trial. Passing this trial will secure housemates a luxury shopping budget for the House.

Julie will be selected to become Aphrodite, the God of Love and Martin will become Zeus, King of the Gods.

The remaining Housemates will start the task as mortals.

The Gods will be given an ‘all seeing eye’. Through this eye they will be able to watch over the mortals down on Earth. However, they are NOT permitted to let the mortals know that they have this power.



All mortals have been turned into statues and must stand on the wobbly statue plinths. On the sound of the golden horn they will compete to stay on the plinths for as long as possible.

At the end of the trial the Gods will select one mortal that pleased the Gods the most to join them on Mount Olympus to become a God.

For this trial Big Brother is providing the Gods with the power of the elements which they can use to test the mortals. Gods can use these powers on Housemates of their choice.

Big Brother will instruct the Gods when they can use the following elemental powers:


Gods can sling mud at the mortals. Gods must take the mud and make it into balls and throw it.


Aphrodite should operate the ancient stone water cannon using the trigger and aiming the cannon at the mortals.

Zeus can use the rack of ancient stone water guns on the mortals and water bombs.


Gods must activate the wind by pressing the button.


Gods can throw the fireballs at the mortals. Gods can retrieve the balls and fire them as many times as they wish.


Mortals will compete in The Altar of Devotion.

This is a trial of Sacrifice.

On a huge stone tablet are eight sacrifices that Mortals must make to prove their devotion to the Gods.

Mortals will be permitted ten minutes to decide amongst themselves which Mortal will make which sacrifice.

Once the time has elapsed Mortals will take turns to approach the ‘Alter of Devotion’ in the garden and declare their sacrifice leaving any relevant items on the altar.

Once Mortals have declared their sacrifice, Mortals will have to go through with that sacrifice until further notice. If Mortals fail to carry out their sacrifices, all Mortals will be punished.

Once all Mortals have declared their sacrifice the Gods will choose one Mortal whose sacrifice pleased the Gods the most. This Mortal will become a God.

The sacrifices are as follows:

· ‘I HEREBY SACRIFICE MY WORLDLY GOODS’ (must give up five outfits)

· ‘I HEREBY SACRIFICE MY VANITY’ (lose 10 makeup/beauty products if girl or Julian lose all grooming products if man)

· ‘I HEREBY SACRIFICE MY INDEPENDENCE’ (the Gods pick another Mortal for them to be handcuffed to)

· ‘I HEREBY SACRIFICE MY DIGNITY’ (must pour fish guts over their head)

· ‘I HEREBY SACRIFICE MY GLUTTONY’ (given a pack of basic rations this is all they can eat)

(they have their nominations read out – this will be two sets of nominations)

(must do all the cleaning and cooking for the Mortals including all washing up)

· ‘I HEREBY SACRIFICE MY BEAUTY’ (must wear a bald cap and glue on warts to their face)

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