Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Who nominated who - Week 3!


The Celebrity Big Brother 2012 housemates nominated for the third time on Sunday, but who nominated who?

All eleven housemates nominated once again, spending over three hours to result in The Situation, Rhian, Danica and Samantha facing eviction.

The one housemate with the fewest votes will be booted out in Wednesday night's latest live show.

Here's who nominated who this week...

Harvey is the first housemate to enter the diary room. His first nomination Is for Danica and brands her as “fake”. Harvey claims that Danica is not consistent in her behaviour and that her cleaning up around the house and “helping out” is not genuine.Harvey’s second nomination is for Coleen. He speculates that Coleen is not the same woman that walked down the stairs and that since being nominated she is “trying too hard to make friends.” In addition, Harvey says: She has s*** stirred in the love triangle!”

Coleen’s first nomination is for The Situation. Coleen does not think that the reality star thinks about his fellow housemates and is sometimes inconsiderate. Her second nomination is for Samantha and Coleen quips: “She reminds me of a wife from the 1950’s. The thought of my husband coming home and me giving him reflexology while I’m doing sit-ups, it’s beyond me.”

Rhian’s first nomination is for Martin because she does not speak to him as much as her fellow housemates. Her second nomination is for The Situation and Rhian says: “He was talking about burning a sofa in a club and being charged £7000, I work hard for my money so I don’t want to hear that!”

Ashley is the fourth housemate to nominate. His first nomination is Danica: “She is getting housemates to fall her. She is fake. She is playing with peoples emotions” Ashley declares. Seemingly troubled, Ashley hesitantly nominates Rhian and says: “I like her so much but all those playing games, it’s done. I hope she stays though and Danica goes.”

Martin is the next housemate into the diary room. His first nomination is for Danica and brands her “the superstar of flirting.” Martin continues to claim that Danica is playing a game “really well.” Martin’s second nomination is for Harvey and brands him as “the ring leader of the young guys”. His nomination is in reaction to Harvey’s behaviour during the ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’ task towards Jasmine’s mother. Martin claims that Harvey “rounded the group up” and influenced their behaviour also.

Danica’s first nomination is for Martin as she does not find him the most interesting of characters in the house. Danica’s second nomination is for Samantha as she feels awkward in her company. Also, Danica says that she does not find her interesting and that she “would rather talk to somebody else in the house” over Samantha. “I also have a feeling that she said my job was immoral, but I may be wrong” Danica continues to speculate.

Julie’s first nomination is for Rhian: “She has a boyfriend outside the house and it is causing friction in the house with what is going on with Ashley. I think Ash (Ashley) is correct and it’s part of a game.” She continues: “Quite frankly I can live without that in the house” Julie’s second nomination is for Danica and declares: “Michael (The Situation) has also spoken and confided in me about Danica and I think there is game playing there as well. Michael (The Situation) is handling it very well indeed, but I think he would be better if it didn’t continue and if Danica were to say then it would continue.”

Arriving in the Diary Room The Situation assures Big Brother that he is “sure” about his first nomination and admits: “I’m going to man up.” He nominates Danica and says: “She’s playing a game with my emotions so to speak and I know were just friends but I always see her jumping ship from person to person. I feel like she is playing with other people’s emotions too, aka Price (Prince Lorenzo) in order to sway people’s opinions. As much as it hurts me to say, I guess she’s not the right girl for me and maybe there is another British girl out there that I seem so much to love”. His second nomination is for Prince Lorenzo. “I have been seeing some inconsistencies in his behaviour, the duties he does in the house, the people that he speaks to, and I feel like it’s becoming more of a game.” The Situation continues: “As well I do not like Prince (Prince Lorenzo) flirting with the possible love of my life – who I also nominated which I can’t believe I did, but she is breaking my heart as well.”

Julian’s first nomination is for Samantha: “The yoga and the reflexology and the constant enquiring on people’s welfare, I find it all a bit simpering. It seems a bit orchestrated. I would like to think that it is part of her caring nature but I am not quite convinced.” His second nomination is for Prince Lorenzo and admits that he “does not feel great” about this choice. Julian continues to say: “He fails to maintain my interest. We had a long conversation about his Harley Davidson and he didn’t even realise that I had glazed over. It is dullness personified.”

Samantha’s first nomination is for Rhian and brands her as “self-centred” Her second nomination is for Danica as she does not understand what her job entails outside the house: “With that massive question mark over it and the way she is playing certain guys in the house, it’s just not a good vibe. It’s not good karma in here and she is causing disruption.”

Prince Lorenzo is the final housemate to nominate. His first nomination is for Julian and claims: “I feel he doesn’t enjoy talking to me and I feel he doesn’t even like me!” Prince Lorenzo admits that nominating The Situation is “hard.” He goes on to say: “He broke the guy to guy bond and he’s gone and spoken bad of me to Danica. When someone goes behind your back to make themselves look better it’s extremely wrong. I know he would throw me under the bus to get a girl and that is not a friend.”

Danica received six nominations and Rhian, The Situation and Samantha received three nominations each. These four housemates will therefore face the public vote this week.

Ashley and Julie did not receive any nominations.

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