Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Day 11 highlights and recap


Day 11 in the Celebrity Big Brother house saw the return of Jasmine Lennard, as her MUM entered the house!

It’s another day in the Big Brother house. Julie quips: “Another f**king day in paradise.”

In the bathroom, Danica asks The Situation if he can see her through the shower door whilst she’s showering. He replies that he can see her: “I pretty much saw you naked!” They laugh.

In the smoking area, Coleen tells Julie: “I felt so glad to stay, I really want to stay.” Julie replies: “How strange! It’s one hell of a journey.” She admits that she has no game plan unless survival is called a game: “I’m way, way out of my comfort zone, I’ve no script.” Coleen tells her that she thinks she will stay in the house till the end. Julie can’t believe that she’s still here.

In the bedroom, Danica asks Prince Lorenzo to help her with her bracelet.
The Situation and Ashley are talking about Danica. “She’s being flirty today!” remarks The Situation and explains that she asked him if he could see her through the shower door. Ashley replies: “This place, mad games innit?”

In the smoking area, Julie is talking to Julian: “You were totally convinced that you were going to be evicted.”

“I’m not a very confident person, I’d never be sure if I wasn’t going,” replies Julian. The actress adds: “Does it matter if we go? I would have been up those stairs so fast! I can’t live without a bit of camp!”

In the bedroom, Rhian tells Coleen and Samantha: “I think I want to go home now, I feel a bit lost.” Coleen also feels the same. The model continues: “I’d love to stay…one day we’re (her and Ashley) friends and then the next he doesn’t speak to me.” Coleen advises her to stay away from Ashley, Samantha agrees. Coleen adds: “Boys take things differently to girls; Ashley has it bad and takes it the wrong way.” Rhian states that Harvey isn’t helping The Situation.

Ashley is talking to Samantha about Rhian: “There’s no point going out of our way to speak, it doesn’t work.” Samantha tells him that she would never act like how the girls are acting as they have boyfriends, and thinks that they have led them on.

“You will be inundated with girls and numbers! You are a lovely guy,” remarks Samantha. He smiles and thanks her.

Coleen is in the diary room. “I’ve completely and utterly changed my opinion about Julie. At first I thought she was acting but actually she’s been so lovely and I think she is genuinely a nice lady.” She states that she doesn’t know who she will be nominating.

In the garden, Danica is giving Julie a foot massage. The actress tells the model: “I don’t understand why people are judge mental about your job.” She replies: “97% of my job is modelling. I do lads magazines and topless work.” Danica talks about her website and explains that she gets asked for signed photographs, and offered gifts in return. Julie announces that she has also been bought gifts and they are sent from all over the world. “Immoral my arse! Ridiculous,”

Coleen and Julie are in the bedroom bonding over Julie’s photographs. Julie explains that a nun called Sister Margaret nursed her when she had cancer, and one of her photos is her mother’s bus pass.

In the garden, Harvey convinces Julian to take part in his boxing class. Julian quips: “Another new experience!” Harvey gets to work putting Ashley, Samantha, Julian and Danica through their paces. “Mr Clarey! No pain no gain!”

Big Brother decides to turns things on its head and welcomes back evicted housemate Jasmine and her actress mother Marilyn to the diary room to take part in a secret mission: Like Mother Like Daughter. Jasmine smirks: “Double trouble!” Marilyn grins: “I’m very excited, let me out!”

Marilyn is told that she must tell housemates that she is a well known psychic and will be joining them as a permanent addition to the house. Jasmine will be listening from the small task room, and remarks: “We are going to stir sh*t up!” The mother and daughter team decide that Marilyn’s new name in the house will be Shelley.

Big Brother tells them: “If any of the housemates think you are not a genuine housemate or guess that you are Jasmine’s mum, you will fail the first part of the task.” Jasmine wishes her mum good luck, and Marilyn enters the house.

“Hi, I’m your new housemate!” announces Shelley to some of the housemates that are in the living area. Coleen leads Shelley to the garden and introduces her to the rest of the house. Julie, Rhian and Danica wave hello from the smoking area. Rhian asks who is Shelley, Julie replies: “It’s probably Julian in drag!”
When Julian greets Shelley, he notices that she is wearing a watch. She quickly replies that she is allowed her watch because she is a psychic and requires the ‘tick tock’ energy on her wrist.

In the living area, Harvey tells The Situation: “I know people, I’ve been in this game a long time and I do not know who that person is. Not being rude, she looks like a transvestite!” They laugh.

Shelley is explaining to some of the housemates that she is so grateful that Big Brother let her enter the house without all the crowds. On hearing that, Julie whispers to Danica: “Well f**k off back out again!”

Jasmine is constantly watching her mum from a screen in the task room, and thinks she is going to flirt with Prince Lorenzo as she watched them hug! Shelley tells Julie that she is excited to meet her. Danica asks her how long will she be staying. “Forever, till they hate me!” grins Shelley.

Shelley is talking about her successful career and divulges that she has written for newspapers and magazines but can’t discuss it. Julie and Harvey are not convinced by her story and pull faces behind her back.

Some of the housemates continue to quiz her. “I never ever would take money from someone under false pretences. They adore me for that,” explains the fake celebrity psychic. Harvey tells her it’s weird that she came through the diary room and asks her if she has an earpiece in. “Why would I have an earpiece in?” He says because she keeps touching her hair. “I haven’t, you cheeky bugger!”

Julian comes to the diary room. “I feel uncomfortable around her (Shelley); I can’t work out if she’s being fake. My prediction is that she’s come here to cause trouble, Julie is furious.” He adds: “She has a funny face! There’s a lot of hair going on. I want to get away from her.”

Big Brother calls Marilyn into the diary room for an update on her secret mission, Jasmine is also present. Big Brother asks her if housemates think she’s one of them. “I think some of them do. I think they are pleased there’s a new person in there.”

In the bedroom, suspicions are mounting. Julie, Danica and Martin are talking about Shelley. Julie thinks: “Is it a tranny? What the f**k is it?! Let’s be real about this!” Martin says she’s here to shake it up a bit and the actress states she’s not buying into it.

Big Brother sets Jasmine and Marilyn the second part of their secret mission, where the actress must use her psychic skills on the celebrity housemates. “Great!” she quips.

Big Brother continues: “Jasmine will act as your psychic side kick and give instructions and psychic readings via a secret earpiece. If you pass the task you will be given the power to grant immunity to two housemates later today.”
Jasmine smiles, Marilyn retorts: “Wow, wow! That’s powerful.”

In the garden, Shelley takes a moment to conjure up her psychic abilities before cracking on with the task. From the living area, Harvey remarks: “Look at her she’s rocking! Look! What is she doing?!” The boys burst out laughing.

Shelley’s first target is Samantha. Jasmine, via a secret earpiece, instructs her mum to say: “Tell Sam you get a wonderful energy from you! An animal energy, a dog!” Shelley does that, Samantha nods and confirms. Shelley tells her that it’s a sheepdog; Samantha says yes and then tells her the dog has died. Jasmine quips: “I swear I didn’t know the dog was dead!”

Martin is her next target. “You have the gift, psycho powers, is that what you wanted to hear?!” tells Shelley. “I knew that,” smiles Martin. Under Jasmine’s orders, Shelley embraces Martin for some time.

Shelley then picks on Prince Lorenzo. “I can sense there’s a lot of love around you, but there are dark, evil women around you…” A confused Prince Lorenzo quips oh no. She goes onto ask: “Do you like anyone is this house?” He replies yes. Jasmine tells Shelley to ask him: “Can I feel your heart?” He lets her and she says: “Protect your heart.” They then kiss on the lips and he thanks her.

Shelley’s next target is Danica. Shelley says: “I’ve got something wonderful to tell you!” Danica refuses: “I don’t want to hear it, I choose not to.” Jasmine quips: “What a bitch!”

Some of the housemates are in the smoking area; Prince Lorenzo believes Shelley is a psychic. Julie replies: “If she’s psychic, I’m Mother Theresa!”

Big Brother gathers the housemates to reveal all about the secret mission. Jasmine and her mother appear on the screen in the living area. Big Brother announces to Marilyn: “You are not a new housemate, you are not a psychic, you are Jasmine’s mum.”

Samantha remarks: “So Jasmine told her everything? F**king bitch.” Julie smiles as she wasn’t convinced by her from the start.

Big Brother continues: “Jasmine, if both completed the secret mission to Big Brother’s satisfaction you would be given the power to grant two housemates immunity from this week’s nominations.” Jasmine adds: “I really want that.”
Big Brother explains: “As the majority of housemates didn’t believe she was a psychic you have failed your mission and not receive the right to grant immunity.” Jasmine smirks: “Do you know what? We have caused enough trouble.”

The housemates laugh after hearing the results of the secret mission. Harvey announces: “I think people are failing to see the wickedness in this, its personal, it’s a deep thing.”

Coleen announces to the house, that Shelley called Danica a whore and that Prince Lorenzo defended her. This shocks the house and they agree that it’s come from Jasmine. Danica starts to cry and walks off. Rhian remarks: “Like mother like daughter.”

Danica talks to Big Brother. “She called me a whore. Obviously that came from Jasmine as she hates me, it’s like a personal attack, I don’t know why. I shouldn’t take it personal.”

Julie and Ashley are discussing Rhian and Danica. “At the end of the day they are nice girls, they both have boyfriends outside.” Ashley agrees, however thinks that they should have ‘cleared up’ about their boyfriends on the first day. Julie says: “I didn’t know that, I have the picture now.” Ashley adds: “I think both of them are playing games…there’s time when games will come to an end.” Julie nods.

In the smoking area, Rhian tells Harvey that Ashley ‘proper brings her down’. Harvey says he doesn’t have an answer: “I think you gave out mixed signals at the beginning, I can’t judge you.” Rhian replies: “I’ve tried to correct it. It’s bringing me down. It’s getting boring now, I love him as a friend and that’s it.”

Rhian is in the bedroom still talking about Ashley. The Situation tells her that they should talk. She says: “We don’t hate each other…” He leaves the room. She tells Danica: “My nominations decisions have changed drastically. I’m not letting him ruin my time.” Danica thinks that she is in a really difficult situation.

In the smoking area, Julian announces that he was convinced he was going to be a pop star! He tells some of his housemates that he used to be in a pop group called Leader of the Pack and that their music video is on the net. Martin and Harvey say they can’t wait to watch it. Martin explains his band signed a deal before videos became really big and that they never had to pay for them.

Ashley walks into the bedroom and starts talking to The Situation. Danica and Rhian leave the room. Ashley asks him what they have been saying. The Situation explains: “She feels like there are clicks in the house…and now she’s got nowhere to go.” Ashley is shocked.

In the toilet, Danica tells Rhian: “I don’t ever want you to feel left out.” She adds that she must ‘make friends before nominations’.

Danica re-enters the bedroom and The Situation asks to talk to her later. She says yes. Danica tells Ashley that Rhian feels awkward. “I’m not awkward though!” he quips. “We want our group to be the same again and be really good friends…That’s all I’m saying, I don’t want to get involved,” she adds.

The Situation and Danica are fooling around in the bathroom. “Don’t touch me!” she laughs!

Julie comes to diary room. “I don’t have a problem with anybody…I find it hard to nominate. I keep looking for a reason.” She continues: “The kids, Ashley and Rhian, Danica and Michael…the boys are convinced that the girls are just playing them. I’m totally confused!”

Big Brother asks her what advice Bet Lynch would give to her about nominations: “Bet Lynch’s advice would be get on with it cock! But I’m not Bet…they don’t write scripts like this, I like a happy ending,” she sighs.

In the bedroom, Danica is sitting on The Situation’s bed. She tells him: “You’re my best friend in the house but I love talking to Prince too.” She strokes her hair and he says: “Stop doing that, your womanly things!” They giggle and they say goodnight.

Ashley enters the bedroom and goes to Rhian’s bed. He asks her if she’s alright, which she replies with: “Feels awkward.” He senses she feels sad and tells her: “I swear to god that I would do anything to make you happy in the house.” He hugs her, however pulls her covers off on his way out.

In the smoking area, Prince Lorenzo asks where he went. He replies: “I had to speak to Rhi.” The Situation then joins the boys. Prince Lorenzo remarks: “This is Celebrity Big Brother; tell me where they fit in?” The boys laugh.

He continues: “They both have boyfriends and made it clear they are not going to hook up with anybody…if I were you guys, ‘cos you will be here for a while, I’m being serious, wouldn’t you rather hang out with some pretty girls and have fun?”

“You’re right but at the same time things would be a lot clearer once the titties are out the way!” grins The Situation.

“Oh my god that’s beef!” quips Harvey. “That’s war!” smiles Ashley.

The Situation concludes: “I’m letting you know tomorrow…we could be up for the chop.”

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