Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Martin accuses Danica of gameplaying

Martin Kemp (Celebrity Big Brother 2012)

Martin Kemp has accused Danica Thrall of playing a very good game in the Celebrity Big Brother house this morning.

It follows yet more rows between The Situation and Danica, this time with Prince Lorenzo getting involved.

Previously, The Situation expressed his jealousy of Danica flirting with the Prince, which wasn't made any better when Danica admitted she did fancy him more than the Situation!

And Prince Lorenzo seemed to have similar feelings, confessing he would make a move if Danica were single.

This morning the love triangle of sorts was the talk of the house.

"You're a gentleman but don't allow yourself to be played if that's what’s happening," Samantha advised the Prince. "It’s what she does for a living."

Chipping in with his thoughts, Eastenders star Martin speculated: "I think I'm watching the best game I’ve ever played in my life... it’s award-winning flirting - tactile, whispering - it’s all tricks man."

Clearly very impressed with Danica's apparent plotting, Martin continued: "Rhian's pulled back but Danica... when she was talking to you last night, it’s like a web going on... I’ve seen it before but not as good as this."

He added: "It's beautiful."

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