Celebrity Big Brother nominations: Boys declare war on the girls!

It's Celebrity Big Brother 2012 nominations day in the house again, and the boys have declared war on the girls.

It seems The Situation and Ashley are fed up of Danica and Rhian's messing around, and want the pair out of the house.

"I told her [Danica] it's about to go down tomorrow," The Situation revealed to Ashley, Harvey and Prince Lorenzo last night.

He explained: "I told Danica that I get a little bit jealous when she blatantly flirts with Prince in front of me. She knows I like her.

The US reality star continued, shocking his housemates as he declared: "I think things will be a lot clearer once they're out the way.

"I said to Big Brother things would be a lot clearer without these ****."

"That's some beef!" replied a rather shocked Harvey.

"That's more than beef, that's war!" quipped Ashley.

But The Situation was unmoved, saying: "This is Celebrity Big brother, where do they fit in?"

And he suggested that Danica and Rhian were only being friendly with them as they didn't fit in with the older clique.

"The girls realise there's a younger and older clique in the house, and they don't fit in with the other clique," he said.

Check back later today for the latest nomination results!

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