Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Harvey, Rhian blast Jasmine after her return!

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Jasmine Lennard returned to the Celebrity Big Brother house this evening, and it seems she's left a lasting impression.

Jasmine had sneaked back into the house into the task room, where she was giving instructions to her mum who was on a secret task.

Jasmine's mum Marilyn had entered the house under the name of Shelly, a new celebrity housemate famous for her psychic abilities.

But it seems when all was revealed to the house, Jasmine's comments to her ex housemates hit a few raw nerves.

"That's a wicked piece of woman," Harvey said tonight. "That's why I couldn't clap when the task was revealed, I've seen that look in someone's eyes and I see vengeance. You vindictive horrible, vengeance woman.

"If you're a person that buzzes over other people's misfortunes than you got issues, you got issues in yourself. Maybe I think too deep, but I can think past the game."

Rhian agreed, remarking: "She's very clever. I've just had to devent in the Diary Room."

The fallout of the task will air on tonight's latest highlights show.

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